SVAE offers at least four courses per semester. Take a moment to review the course descriptions below before applying for your courses.

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Math Essentials 40S

This course is very practical in its application to everyday life. It is intended for students whose post-secondary planning does not include a focus on math or science related fields.

Math Pre-Calculus 40S

This math course is designed to prepare students to succeed in university or college calculus based math courses, and involves higher level algebra and mathematical logic.


Chemistry 40S

Chemistry is a science studying the underlying makeup of all things. “Students learn that science and technology are creative human activities with long histories in all cultures. Science is a way of learning about the universe”

Manitoba FoundationS For Scientific Literacy

Biology 40S

This course provides students an opportunity to learn about 3 fundamental concepts in biology: biodiversity, genetics and evolution. The biodiversity section will explore the wide variety of organisms that exist and how biologists organize them into groups. The genetics sections will explore what genes are, how genes work and how they are passed from parent to offspring. The evolution section teaches students about what evolution is, how it works and why scientists believe that it has occurred.


English Language Arts/Comprehensive Focus 30S and 40S

In these courses students learn to think critically and independently while developing their skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing. Students learn to use language to communicate effectively to an audience, express themselves clearly and select appropriate forms for their purposes. They learn to manage data and information efficiently and collaboratively in groups.

English Language Arts/Transactional Focus 40S

“Transactional Focus” means that the major emphasis is on the language of business: In this course emphasis is on the learning to convey information to persuade the consumer, to argue a case, or to accomplish some other specific purpose. Students are challenged to acquire a range of skills, strategies and attitudes that help them function more efficiently in various settings.

Elective Courses

Psychology 40S

This course exposes students to the major topics found in the field of psychology. It also emphasizes the issues that are of particular direct interest and relevance to students completing high school. Students explore the scientific methods upon which psychology is based. They can then apply what they learned to their daily lives. 

World of Religions 40S

This course provides an opportunity to explore the major world religions and religious diversity in Canada.  Units covered include Indigenous Spirituality, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, etc.  Students will increase their understanding of world religions and how the vast diversity of beliefs shape Canadian culture.

Special Language Credit 40S

The Special Language Credit option allows students to receive credit for their linguistic diversity. Students must fill out an application form (signed by the Education Director) and submit this form and a fee of $65.00 or $70 before being registered to write the exam. (Many language options are eligible).

Applied Business Technologies 40S

Applied Business Technologies focuses on integrating advanced software features commonly used in business. This course is designed for students interested in learning about collaboration, digital communication, and customization of presentation software to create, edit, and manage business documents, using advanced features of word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications. Topics also include multimedia elements such as creating and manipulating images, graphics, videos, and animations. 

Community Service Credit 40S*

Students can make a contribution by volunteering for worthwhile causes or organizations. The civic skills, knowledge and attitudes obtained from such community service activity can increase a student’s self -esteem and maturity, and provide more awareness of the needs of others in the community. (Independent study option course)

Career Development: Life/Work Transitioning 40S*

The career development course is designed to connect school learning with workplace and labor realities. The course will help students acquire and apply the knowledge and skills to make appropriate decisions for life, work and the essential post-secondary education/training that is required in today’s economy. The experiential learning components (work experience) will provide students with opportunities to explore potential occupations, demonstrate employability skills, essential skills and specific occupational skills. (Independent study option course)

* Independant study course have a continuous enrolment, that can begin at anytime during the school year. Approval for these courses must be obtained from the Education Director.